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Dedicated to supporting our rural communities through volunteering, local contributions, grants and more.

Local Communities Solicit Citizens’ Opinions on Widespread Flooding

On behalf of Paxico and Beyond Community and Economic Development (PBCED), the Greater Manhattan Community Foundation received grant funds from Frontier Farm Credit.

The PBCED project plans to host educational events for Wabaunsee and Pottawatomie County residents, as well as local farmers and producers about mitigating crop and property damage through floodwater prevention tactics to address widespread flooding concerns. Through these events, PBCED hopes to develop an all-inclusive and diverse blueprint to store rainwater through soil health initiatives.

The first one-day forum, centered on finding manageable solutions to address soil health, was hosted in December 2023. The second one-day forum was held in February 2024 and focused on bridging ongoing floodwater mitigation efforts with regenerative agriculture practices.

Students from local schools will showcase various regenerative agriculture principles through tabletop demonstrations as well as serve a meal during the events, allowing them to raise funds for other educational programs.

Along with hosting town hall forums, PBCED will allocate property to plant a butterfly garden with National Monarch Butterfly Garden Certification.

PBCED, supported solely by volunteers and donations, strives to rebuild and bolster communities in their underserved areas by locating collaborators and securing sponsorships. Some of PBCED’s other supporters include 4-H, FFA, FFCLA, Kansas Alliance of Wetland and Streams, Kansas Department of Education Volunteer Commission, Kansas Health Foundation, Mill Creek Watershed, Thriving Earth Exchange, Rural and Indigenous Communities Mini-Grant Program and Wild Valley Farms.

“This work has been underway for several years. The ultimate goal is to engage a meaningful conversation on regenerative agricultural and natural stormwater solutions for our diverse audience.”
– Deanna Pierson, PBCED Founder

Community Involvement Contacts

For more information about our community involvement program, contact your local Frontier Farm Credit office or email community@frontierfarmcredit.com.