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Country Home Loans

Frontier Farm Credit provides financing for the purchase, refinancing, construction or remodeling of homes in the country, with no acreage limitations. This includes improvements such as barns, outbuildings, ponds and fencing.

Loans are serviced locally, ensuring a personal, long-term relationship with your lender. From application through closing and throughout the life of your loan, you will be dealing exclusively with Frontier Farm Credit.

No private mortgage insurance is required. Frontier Farm Credit does not escrow taxes and insurance, allowing you to use your money during the year.

Payment plans are monthly. Loans may be prepaid at any time without penalty. Learn more about our Payment Options.

On-staff appraisers specializing in rural properties complete appraisals.

Payment Options

Automatic Clearinghouse & Preauthorized Installment Draft:

  • No checks to write or postage to pay
  • No trips to the mailbox; therefore, no checks lost in the mail
  • No overlooked payments or worry when you travel
  • No late payments; therefore, no reminders or second billing notices
  • No additional cost to you

Online Banking

  • Learn more about this convenient and secure option for accessing your Frontier Farm Credit account information.

Online Banking

Enjoy the following conveniences with online banking:

Check Balances

Check your account balances any time, day or night. View a summary of your accounts on one screen or click on a particular account for more detail.

View Account Statements

View currents payments due and projected amounts due on accounts.

Access Account History

View transactions that have occurred on your accounts or download account-specific history.

View Draft Images

Click on a link beside a check or draft transaction and view the front and back images of the actual written draft.

Transfer Funds between Accounts

Request transfers between selected Frontier Farm Credit accounts or between Frontier Farm Credit accounts and your personal bank accounts.

Other Services

You can change contact information through online banking.

Online Banking is Secure

Frontier Farm Credit’s Online Banking service utilizes a secure login and user authentication process, as well as industry-standard SSL encryption to protect confidential information in transit. Secure firewalls prevent compromises from the Internet. Advanced security configuration of our online banking servers provides local as well as remote protection from break-in attempts.

In addition, Frontier Farm Credit protects your privacy. Information submitted to Frontier Farm Credit is treated confidentially and is only used internally, as appropriate, to handle your online banking and loan requests. We do not provide your e-mail address or other personal information to third parties without your authorization.

How to Apply for Online Banking

Complete and submit our enrollment form. After your application is approved, you’ll receive a login ID and password via e-mail; for security, they will be distributed to you in separate e-mails.

Livestock Loans

Frontier Farm Credit provides financing for the purchase, care, feeding or refinancing of debt on livestock.

Livestock loans can be tailored to meet your specific financing needs, whether it’s for grass cattle, backgrounding, feedlot or livestock breeding.

Loan terms range from short-term grass cattle financing to longer term loans for breeding livestock.

Interest rate options include variable, adjustable and fixed.

Payment plans are structured to coincide with your cash flow. Loans may be prepaid at any time without penalty. Learn more about our Payment Options.

Livestock loans may be eligible for Patronage.


Leasing offers a wide array of benefits and our team can help determine if leasing will work for you.

We lease farm equipment, grain storage, center pivots, farm buildings and more!

Benefits of Leasing:

100% Financing – A Frontier Farm Credit lease can preserve working capital and avoid an initial down payment. All that is due is the first lease payment.

Tax Benefits – There are distinct tax advantages to leasing as well. Lease payments are often fully deductible, and may allow you to write off an expense more quickly. Tax laws seem to change every year and there are lots of options for accelerated depreciation right now, but leasing still can offer some steady write-offs through lease payments. Or if accelerated depreciation is desired, we can structure a lease to allow that, and still get the other benefits of leasing.

No Mortgages (Fixture Leases) – Leasing does not require additional collateral and is only secured by the leased asset, therefore no mortgages are required. This also saves on loan costs over a typical real estate loan.

The next time you are considering capital purchases, be sure to check all of your options.