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2024 Third Quarter Outlooks

Overview of the factors shaping agriculture in 2024


Despite record carcass weights, analyst Dave Weaber is optimistic that fed cattle prices will remain resilient. Dive into Terrain’s projected prices. Read more ›


Higher-for-longer interest rates have added to the cost to carry inventory. At the same time, processors, retailers and end users are less willing to carry the inventory bill. Terrain looks at what this means to farmers. Read more ›


Futures price action from March through May suggests hog producers can expect a solid six months of profitability. Terrain offers a price forecast through the end of 2024. Read more ›


Terrain analyst Bree Baatz outlines the importance of U.S. government policies that support U.S.-produced crushed byproducts to ensure domestic soybean demand and help our country’s low carbon fuel initiatives. Read more ›


Can dairy markets summon some of the price strength of 2022? The recent rally across Class III markets suggests they could. One wild card – exports. Read more ›

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