Save costs, improve cash flow, gain tax advantages

Leasing is an excellent financing alternative to buying for virtually any type of new or used agricultural equipment.

We specialize in leases for equipment, grain bins and metal sheds. Leasing can provide significant tax deductions and lets you operate with newer and better equipment without straining your cash flow.

Leasing is also conveniently available through more than 1,500 equipment dealers offering AgDirect® financing.

  • Convenient terms help conserve your cash.
    Low or no down payment, up to 100-percent financing and no stock purchase. As a tax management tool, leasing can improve your cash flow and conserve your working capital.
  • Lower payments, which in most cases, are tax deductible.
    The tax deductions available when you lease can save you money and improve your bottom line. Consult your tax advisor for more information.
  • Tailor terms to your individual needs.
    Flexible lease structures, payment schedules, end-of-lease options and maturity dates let you tailor the lease to your needs.

We offer leases that fit the way you farm or ranch. We would welcome the opportunity to talk about the leases we offer, their advantages and to determine what is the best type of financing for you.

For more information about the specific products and services we offer, contact a local office or submit a request.

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