Specialized financing for Young and Beginning Producers.

Strength, expertise and a commitment to the next generation.

Frontier Farm Credit is committed to supporting farmers and ranchers who are starting or growing their operations.

The Development Fund offers a specialized financing plan designed to enhance working capital and assist young and beginning producers with livestock facility expansions, as well as provide financial guidance, planning and education to position their plan for success.

Program Overview

Development Fund Eligibility

Eligibility is limited to full- or part-time farmers and ranchers pursuing production agriculture as a primary occupation, and who meet one or more of the following qualifications*:

  • 35 years of age or less
  • 10 years or less of primary operation management
  • $250,000 or less in projected Gross Farm Income per year

Specialized financial assistance

Participants receive a modified installment loan with the following characteristics:

  • General Specialized financing, is as written 5 yr, 150k max
  • Breeding livestock 5-7 yr, up to 150k max
  • Contract finishing is 10 yr, up to 250k max

Typical fund applications

  • Cash liquidity for startup operations or operations looking to expand
  • Restore liquidity in operations facing challenges
  • Additional funds to help cover operating expenses
  • Assist with the purchase of breeding livestock
  • Down payment financing for contract facilities

*Additional qualifications, including credit scores, financial history, and family relationships with company employees and/or board members may limit eligibility.

Partnership for success

Our lending teams have helped thousands of young and beginning producers manage their unique business and financial challenges, matching their needs with the right products and tools to help them grow – and now we want to do the same for you.

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