Our long-term strength delivered a mid-year bonus.
Customer-owners received two cash-back dividends this year – that’s the power of ownership.

As a customer-owned cooperative, we use our financial strength to benefit the producers and communities we serve. The Board of Directors approved a bonus cash-back dividend to be distributed in June that equates to an additional 0.25% of each eligible customer’s average daily loan balance from the prior year.

Combined with the January distribution, customer-owners received 1.25% of their eligible average daily loan balance in 2020. Cash-back dividends are a benefit of working with a mission-driven, customer-owned lender – and demonstrate our financial strength.

Bonus Cash-Back Dividend Distribution Map

For each of the past 17 years, Frontier Farm Credit has distributed a regular cash-back dividend to eligible customer-owners for a total return of more than $137 million. This includes a record payout of an $23 million in 2020 net earnings – one regular cash-back dividend in January and a special payout in June.

As shown on the map, the bonus cash-back dividend serves as a significant benefit to the vast range of rural communities we call home.

2021 distribution-map-l FFC   2021 distribution-map-m FFC  2021 distribution-map-s FFC 

Select the Kansas map to see county-by-county cash-back dividends paid in 2021.

State cash-back dividend payment amounts are rounded to the nearest $100,000.

No. The intention is to continue making a regular cash-back dividend distribution annually in January and announce specials on an infrequent basis. Specials are an option for the Board to consider if we have stronger than anticipated financial results and excess capital projected into the future.
The cash-back dividend check payee will be the “payor of record” (primary customer) in our loan accounting system as of December 31, 2020. This is the same person whose taxpayer identification number appears on any IRS reporting associated with the customer’s account.
The June patronage program provides for distribution of patronage-sourced earnings from a general pool, which applies to almost all patronage-eligible customers.

A separate patronage pool that applies to eligible participation loans purchased by Frontier Farm Credit will not receive the special cash-back dividend. Also, customers who did not receive a January cash-back dividend because the payout was less than $50 will not receive a June check for the same reason.

Our regular patronage FAQ provides more details on the regular cash-back dividend program.

Cash-back dividends are based on eligible loan volume and Association financial results. Prior distributions should not be interpreted as guarantees of future performance.

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