Exclusive technology used to make confident and informed decisions for the 2021 crop year and beyond.

Insurance is all about the odds.

From a buyer’s standpoint, you want to spend your insurance dollars on some combination of threats that have high odds of happening and those with odds of having a big impact on your business if they happen.

Until now, most farmers’ decisions around crop insurance were based on a “gut feeling” or weather events that stuck in their minds. Now, with Optimum, events have been quantified and through a robust simulation process, producers can see how today’s insurance choices perform.


Every farm is different and farmers’ goals are different. We can ask our proprietary Optimum tool to analyze federal and private insurance policies to find the best choice whatever your risk management goal. For instance:

  • Highest net indemnity over time.
  • Best cash flow over time.
  • The most bushels to forward market.
  • The most subsidy dollars.

"The crop insurance team is awesome. They'll come up with what works best for you — you may be the only one with that combination of plans."

Randy & Judy

Grain & Beef Producers, Iowa

Randy & Judy

Trigger Yield Calculator

Trigger yields assist producers with crop insurance and risk management decisions. Understanding what will trigger loss payments is an important part of choosing the correct level of crop insurance coverage.

The results provided by this tool are for estimation purposes only; actual loss triggers may vary. Contact your Farm Credit Services of America insurance officer for more information.

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