Flexible financing or refinancing for farmland, pastures and acreages in Eastern Kansas.

Key Benefits of Financing Land With Us

Attractive Land Loan Rates

Fixed rates for the life of a land loan or interim-fixed, variable or adjustable rates, including rate conversions.

Ag-Friendly Terms

We offer flexible terms, including long-term options on our farm mortgage loans.

Flexible Payment Options

Choose monthly, quarterly, semiannual or annual payments to meet your cash flow needs.

Cash-Back Dividends

A significant annual benefit, customer-owners have been paid more than $158 million in cash-back dividends since 2004.

Farmlend logo allows you to easily apply online for a Frontier Farm Credit land loan. It offers a secure, simple online process so you can move quickly on a land sale, or easily start a refinance. Apply when it is convenient for you and receive a response within three business hours.

Land loans are still closed and serviced locally through Frontier Farm Credit.

"They’re knowledgeable about agriculture. You're not explaining what you're doing. And they're competitive – that's been important to me."

Hal & Sheila

Grain & Beef Producers, Kansas

Hal & Sheila


This is an estimate of payments for various loan types including farm loans, land loans, ranch loans, livestock loans and ag loans. The actual loan payment amounts may vary depending on the interest rate, closing date and other factors.

Choose from even or decreasing payments







Land Loan Rates and Terms

Fixed Rates

  • Stable, predictable payment schedule.
  • Long-term fixed rates up to 30 years.
  • Delayed disbursement, a fee-based service, lets you access your funds when you need them.

Variable Rates

  • Adjust as market conditions change throughout the life of your loan.

Adjustable-Rate Mortgages (ARM)

  • Allow you to have the security of an introductory fixed rate for a specified period of time. At the end of the initial fixed-rate period, the loan renews for the same fixed period at a new fixed rate.
  • Fixed for a period of one, three or five years.
  • Rate caps protect you from excessive rate increases and volatile markets.

Interim-Fixed Rates (IFR)

  • A variable-rate loan that is fixed for an agreed upon period. At the end of the period, the loan adjusts to a variable-rate loan.

Reasons to Finance Land with Us

Rate Conversions

If rates change and we can help you save money, we’ll contact you. Over the past five years, we’ve converted 52,000 loans to lower interest rates.

Account Access

View balances and transaction histories, transfer funds within your accounts, make payments and more through AgriPoint® or Frontier Farm Credit® Mobile.

Payment Schedules

Loans have the flexibility to mirror payments with income flow, ranging from monthly to annually.

Assumable Loans

Loans may be assumable by a credit-worthy associate with the same loan terms.

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We finance and refinance all types of land and land improvements used for agricultural purposes. We also offer financing for recreational land, and rural home lots and acreages through Rural 1st®.

We offer competitive fixed-, interim-fixed, variable- or adjustable-rate loans on new land purchases or refinanced land loans. If your financial needs change, you can convert a variable-rate loan to a fixed-rate loan. Fees may apply.

To find out more about interest rates, contact the nearest Frontier Farm Credit local office by submitting your contact information in the form below, call 800-397-3191 or locate the office.

We offer flexible terms, including long-term options. Financing can be fixed to the maturity of the loan, intermediate fixed term or variable, either through the entirety of the loan or locked at a time of your choosing. All loans have the flexibility to mirror payments with income flow, ranging from monthly to annually.

You can choose monthly, quarterly, semiannual or annual payment schedules to meet your cash flow expectations. We also offer fully or partially amortized loans, and decreasing, even or accelerated payment schedules.

Visit our loan payment calculator to estimate your loan payment amount.

On new purchases, down payments of 35% are typical on many land loans. The amount of the down payment is impacted by many factors and is specific to each credit request.

Deposits or earnest money can vary based on seller requirements. In some instances, all or a portion of the down money may be non-refundable. Contact the seller, auctioneer or real estate agent for details.

We have competitive loan fees, including no application fee.* We also offer loans without prepayment penalties after the first year.

Fees associated with real estate often include title work, appraisal, abstracts, filing/recording, flood determination and others. Fees are the responsibility of the buyer unless otherwise outlined or negotiated.

*Does not apply to farm construction loans or Rural 1st® loans.

Real estate financing decisions are made on a mix of information which may include a credit bureau report and one or more years of a statement of financial position (balance sheet), income statement (tax return) and/or projection.

If you apply online through , you'll enter information about the land you want to purchase, the type of loan you desire and the applicant's assets, liabilities and income. You can also apply through the nearest local Frontier Farm Credit office by calling 800-397-3191 or locating your local office.

We offer quick decisions on loan applications. If you apply online through , we provide a response within three business hours. The online application takes about 10 minutes to complete. allows you to apply online for a land loan through Frontier Farm Credit using a secure, simple online process so you can move quickly on a land sale. Apply when it is convenient for you and receive a response in three business hours. Land loans are still closed and serviced by your local Frontier Farm Credit office.

To learn more, contact the nearest Frontier Farm Credit local office by submitting your contact information in the form below, calling 800-397-3191 or locating your local office.

Once all required financial and application information is gathered, we can typically process approvals in 7-10 business days. Financing decisions are based upon multiple factors, all of which impact some portion of the resulting time frame.

Most buyers wait until they receive the details of their approval from our lending team before finishing a purchase agreement with the seller.

If any of the specifics of your credit application changes, we'll need to re-evaluate the approval to reflect those new details.

Property closing guidelines are most often outlined within the terms of the sale. Closing can occur as quickly as 10-15 days and go out as long as 45-60+ days after an offer is accepted. Consult the seller or seller agent to discuss closing terms and time frame.

Ready to Talk?

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Frontier Farm Credit serves farmers, ranchers, agribusinesses and rural residents in eastern Kansas. For inquiries outside this geography, use the Farm Credit Association Locator  to contact your local office.