Dallas and Sarah
Grain & Beef Producers
Madison, KS
Customers Since 2010

Our biggest challenge

Now more than ever we have to watch the markets because they change so rapidly. When my grandfather was starting out, there wasn’t the drastic change you see today. We’re always checking prices and running break evens in our minds to see how they fit into our operation.

My business approach

Agriculture is continuously changing. We have to intentionally be more efficient and pay close attention to the various options we might be able to utilize to save time and money.

Why I enjoy working with Frontier Farm Credit

Farm Credit has been really good about giving back to our community. They sponsor a lot of events and meetings that we participate in and they are always quick to respond when we have questions.

If we have any questions, we know we can call

Frontier Farm Credit helped Dallas purchase land. He’s had an enjoyable relationship ever since.

A shared business strategy

Home runs are good in baseball, but brothers-in-law Dallas and Klint like to hit doubles when it comes to managing their operation.

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