Caleb & Janet
Grain & Beef Producers
Cherryvale, Kansas
Customers since 2007

How I prepared myself for agricultural business

(Caleb) When I was in high school, I rented some crop ground and started my cattle operation. I went to college at Kansas State University and returned to the farm with a degree in agronomy and started farming.

What I’ve learned

(Caleb) You need a good financial partner on your team, someone you can trust who knows agriculture. You need to work with that financial partner and everybody else on your team to figure out a strategy that works for everybody involved.

Advice to other young and beginning farmers

(Janet) Don’t be afraid of hard work. It’s one of those cliché things, but there’s a lot of hard work that goes into an operation like ours. Starting out, we didn’t have the financial stability to buy all the equipment we needed, but we put in the extra hours to do the work others couldn’t, and that helped us eventually get the financial backing we needed. Hard work is key to all of this. Without it, you’ll never make it in farming.

Our family business approach

(Caleb) We do things a little bit different here. My father, grandfather and I each have individual operations that come together to make one big operation. So Dad and Grandpa have their own operations and call the shots, and I have my totally separate operation and call the shots on mine, but we come together to get all the work done.

How we make decisions

(Janet) Frontier Farm Credit helps us make decisions and offers us the services that help us better our operation. They have a lot of knowledge about agriculture, and we rely on that knowledge and experience when we are making major decisions.

Help Us Make Decisions

Frontier Farm Credit’s agricultural knowledge make them a trustworthy financial partner for Caleb and Janet.

Three Generations, Three Operations, One Lender

Calvin has worked with Frontier Farm Credit for more than three decades, and today, raises crops and cattle with his son, Caleb, and father, Dale.

Hard To Replace Experience

The family credits the knowledge and experience of their Frontier Farm Credit team with helping them to sustain and grow their operation.

Doing What We Love

The working relationship Calvin and Caleb have with their Frontier Farm Credit team enable the father-son duo to do what they love: Operate a farm and ranch.

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