Real Estate Financing

Flexible, convenient, unique features for renting or leasing farmland.

Frontier Farm Credit real estate financing is among the most competitive and flexible you’ll find for agriculture. Through our WorkSmartSM line of credit, we can provide financing to rent or lease farmland – with loan packages that feature attractive rates, money-saving options, cash-back dividends and more. You only pay interest accrual on funds borrowed, too.

We are dedicated to financing agriculture. Our experienced local financing teams are highly specialized and will work with you to determine the best loan for your farm. And, our operating line of credit is designed specifically for short-term input financing and can be catered to your farm operation’s expected cash flow and buying needs.

Discover why more people choose Frontier Farm Credit for their operating loan needs:

  • All your money works for you.
    Money is drawn directly from your line of credit. You don’t have to transfer money from one account to another before you write a draft, wire funds, or use your   AgriBuy® Rewards MasterCard® to access your line of credit. No interest is charged until you actually use the money you need.
  • Interest is charged only on the exact amount you use.
    There is no minimum draw amount, such as a $1,000 increment, for example.
  • Payments and third-party checks are applied directly to your line of credit.
    There is no need to transfer funds from one account to another – saving extra steps, extra time and added interest. In fact, if you deposit a check by 3 p.m. (Central Time), your payment is credited that day and interest on that amount stops accruing. You don’t continue to pay interest “until the check clears.”
  • Get 1% cash back with the AgriBuy® Rewards MasterCard®.*
    Use the card to make purchases from your line of credit, at your line of credit interest rate. Every time you make a purchase with your AgriBuy Rewards business card, you’ll earn a 1% reward that is returned to you each November. Interest starts only when the transaction actually posts to your loan account.
  • Remote Deposit saves time and money.
    Scan and apply checks, including third-party checks, as payments from your home computer, smartphone or tablet – anytime, anywhere and without maximum limits – directly into your WorkSmart line of credit.
  • Cash-back dividends represent a unique benefit.
    As a member of a customer-owned cooperative, you are eligible to receive a portion of our earnings in the form of a cash-back dividend. We’ve returned $69 million in cash-back dividends to our customer-owners since 2004.** 

Contact us today to get started. Call 800-397-3191, locate your local Frontier Farm Credit office, or fill out the form below:

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*The AgriBuy Rewards business card cannot be used for cash advance or ATM transactions. Purchases are limited to U.S. and Canada retailers only. Other restrictions may apply.

**Cash-back dividends are based on eligible loan volume and Frontier Farm Credit financial results.