As a financial cooperative, our customer-owners have a voice in what we do. Explore profiles of farmers and ranchers who make up the Association.


Customer Profiles

Meet Andy & Kandy

Grain Producers
Marysville, KS
Customers since 2016

"In farming you have to have a lot of faith and try your best to make educated decisions in a very competitive industry.”

Meet Matt

Grain & Livestock Producer
Valley Falls, KS
Customers since 2017

"They are familiar with the challenges beginning farmers face and understand where you’re coming from when you come to them with questions or concerns.”

Meet Clint & Corinne

Grain and Livestock Producers
Long Island, KS
Customers since 2007

"We have been able to improve our operation because our loan officer has always had faith in us.”

Meet Roger & Angelina

Grain & Beef Producers
Alta Vista, KS
Customers since 1978

"We want to be proud of what we’ve done, to create an operation that can support our family. If our kids would like to step into our shoes, we will do everything possible to make it work.”

Meet Kyle

Grain Producer
Havensville, KS
Customers since 2007

"The more I farm, the more I love it. It’s such a learning experience. Frontier Farm Credit looks at opportunities with me and is helping me build a future.”

Meet Phillip & Kristen

Grain & Livestock Producers
Junction City, KS
Customers since 1996

"We want to grow, but as we get bigger, we want to get better. We want to resist the temptation to focus on growth instead of margins. ”

Meet Caleb & Janet

Grain & Beef Producers
Cherryvale, KS
Customers since 2007

"Farm Credit's knowledge about agriculture helps us to be a better farming operation. We trust that they’re going to help us make better decisions. ”

Meet Calvin & Karen

Grain & Beef Producers
Dennis, KS
Customers since 1976

"You can’t farm without the right tools. We consider money a tool to help us get what we need, and it’s very important to have a reliable financial partner to do that. ”

Meet Griff & Kindra

Grain Producers
Hiawatha, KS
Customers since 2001

"Our team at Frontier Farm Credit is always there to help, and as the farm grows, our relationship with them is going to become more and more important.”

Meet Dallas and Sarah

Grain & Beef Producers
Madison, KS
Customers since 2010

"Farm Credit has been really good about giving back to our community, and they are always quick to respond when we have questions. ”

Meet Matt & Roberta

Beef Producers
Wellsville, KS
Customers since 2013

"It makes such a difference when you can sit down with a financial officer who understands the industry. That was a big thing that stood out to us.”

Meet Hal & Sheila

Grain & Beef Producers
Madison, KS
Customers since 1973

"Success is getting up daily, striving to do our best and coming together as a family. It also means enjoying the fruits of our labor, but not necessarily working 24/7. ”


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