As a customer-owned financial cooperative, we are committed to serving the next generation of farmers and ranchers.

If you have a plan to start farm or ranch, Frontier Farm Credit has a plan to help.

We work with thousands of farmers and ranchers in eastern Kansas to help them start or grow in production agriculture. In 2022, young, beginning and small farmers totaled nearly 2,700 of our customers, with $510 million in loan volume.

The future of agriculture is our future too — and we are committed to helping the next generation succeed.

Specialized Loan Programs

Instead of fitting you to a product, we customize our services to fit you. We will look at your needs, opportunities and risk to create a viable, sustainable plan to help you meet your goals.

Young & Beginning Farmer Loans

Young & Beginning Farmer Loans

Growing your farm or ranch is a significant financial commitment and can be especially challenging for less-established producers. That’s why we’ve tailored a program for producers age 35 or younger, or with 10 years of experience or less, that matches our loan products with modified credit approval standards. This program helps get you the capital you need while you strengthen your financial position.

Development Fund

Development Fund

This program is designed to enhance working capital and assist with livestock facility expansions for young and beginning producers*, as well as provide financial guidance, planning and education to position your plan for success.

Qualified participants develop an actionable business plan and can receive a modified installment loan for breeding livestock, contract finishing and other specialized financing for 5 to 10 years and up to 250,000. These modified loans help to support the growth of the operation by providing the liquidity to cover both operating and expansion expenses.

*Additional qualifications, including credit scores, financial history, and family relationships with company employees and/or board members may limit eligibility.


From operating lines of credit, to farm and ranch land, to livestock, equipment and facilities, we finance every aspect of farm and ranch operations for young and beginning farmers and ranchers in eastern Kansas.
WorkSmart® Line of Credit

Finance your farm or ranch with an operating line of credit that includes money-saving benefits and time-saving features. APPLY

Real Estate Loans

Finance or refinance farmland, pastures or acreages with attractive rates, ag-friendly flexibility and cash-back dividends.

Intermediate-Term Loans

Flexible, convenient, money-saving features for financing livestock, ag facilities, eligible farm equipment and vehicles, farm improvements and more.   APPLY

AgDirect® Equipment Financing

Along with options to buy, lease or refinance farm equipment, you’ll find attractive rates and the most ag-friendly terms in the business.

Facility Loans

Flexible, convenient, money-saving features for financing cattle and hog barns, farm storage buildings, grain bins and more.   APPLY


Save costs, improve cash flow and gain tax advantages with our leasing options for farm storage buildings, grain bins, cattle and hog barns, farm equipment and vehicles, and more.

"They see the industry from top to bottom – and are instrumental in helping us grow strategically."

Griff & Kindra

Grain producers, Kansas

Griff & Kindra

digital tools that work for first-time farmers and ranchers.


View balances and transaction history, transfer funds, make payments and more.

Remote Deposit

Scan and apply checks, including third-party checks, as payments directly into your WorkSmart® operating line of credit — without maximum limits.

Frontier Farm Credit® Mobile

Access your operating line of credit anywhere from your mobile device. Use the Remote Deposit feature in our app to save time and money depositing checks.

Frontier Farm Credit established an ongoing online educational series that tackles topics tailored to young and beginning producers.


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