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Griff & Kindra

Grain Producers
Hiawatha, KS
Customer since 2001



How we prepared ourselves for agricultural business

(Griff) I knew when I was a little kid, playing with tractors on the carpet, that I wanted to farm. In 2001, when I was in college, I sat down with Dad and told him it was really what I wanted to do. We started working on a game plan to grow the business and bring the next generation in, and after I graduated in 2005, I came back to the farm.

How we make decisions

(Kindra) We make decisions together as a family. Griff and his mother and father and I all talk about it, and the four of us make decisions together. Our team at Frontier Farm Credit is there to help, and as the farm grows, our relationship with them is going to become more and more important.

Why we work with Frontier Farm Credit

(Griff) They see the industry from top to bottom, and they give good advice on industry trends that helps me make decisions to help grow our business. As a young producer, I’m the CEO, the guy getting in the grain bins and scooping grain and everything in between. A lot of times, I need guidance to see what the industry is doing. They’re instrumental in helping me stay informed and be a better farm manager.

Our greatest challenge

(Griff) We all want to grow. As a young producer, my biggest challenge is figuring out how to do that strategically, so that we’re not just farming more acres, but being more profitable in how we farm those acres. I think a lot about how we can become more efficient and continue to make our farm better so it is around for the next generation.

Advice to other young and beginning farmers

(Griff) A lot of times, you need guidance. And, it helps to see what everybody else in the industry is doing, so you can have ideas on how you can grow and become more efficient. Always think about how you can continue to make your farm better so it’s around for the next generation.

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