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Tools in Uncertain Times

By Mark Parker
More than ever, farm profitability comes down to making good choices in navigating an increasingly complex agricultural landscape.

Fortunately, Frontier Farm Credit provides powerful financial tools to help farmers and agribusiness persons build strategies to address their unique needs and goals.

Expertise in leasing and crop insurance coverage are just two of the ways the Frontier Farm Credit team of professionals help customers make the best decisions for their agricultural operations.

Joe Metzen, Frontier Farm Credit leasing specialist, points out that leasing can be a great alternative to loan financing for a wide range of facilities and specialized equipment acquisitions.

Frontier Farm Credit staff gain outlook insight

By Mark Parker

Pursue agriculture with enthusiasm and optimism but plan for those black swans that could lurk just beyond the horizon.

That was the message internationally known economist David Kohl delivered to Frontier Farm Credit professionals at a recent staff outlook meeting in Manhattan. The Virginia Tech professor emeritus, who advises businesses, lending institutions and governments, said an increasingly complex global economy delivers demand-driven commodity prices as well as pressuring farm inputs.

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