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Frontier Farm Credit staff gain outlook insight

By Mark Parker

Pursue agriculture with enthusiasm and optimism but plan for those black swans that could lurk just beyond the horizon.

That was the message internationally known economist David Kohl delivered to Frontier Farm Credit professionals at a recent staff outlook meeting in Manhattan. The Virginia Tech professor emeritus, who advises businesses, lending institutions and governments, said an increasingly complex global economy delivers demand-driven commodity prices as well as pressuring farm inputs.

Maze connects kids and agriculture

By Mark Parker

Flying high above the patchwork quilt of fields north of Independence, Kan., you’d immediately notice that, amid the pastureland and parallel lines of corn and soybeans, one field very clearly stands out.

America’s veterans returning to rural roots

By Mark Parker
Veterans have stood tall for America and now rural America is standing tall for them. Nearly a million servicemen and servicewomen have left their rural communities behind in the past decade to defend the values American’s cherish.

As they return home, the Veteran Farmers Project greets them with help in unlocking opportunities in agriculture. Frontier Farm Credit is supporting that effort by providing financial expertise to vets interested in exploring growing possibilities beyond the city limits.

Protecting property from the bad guys

By Mark Parker
Most of the time, it’s pretty peaceful out in the country. The solitude farm folks enjoy, however, leaves them vulnerable to bad guys attracted by asset-packed farmsteads.

From locks and lights to high-tech sensors, farm families have wide-ranging security options. According to one veteran lawman, though, common sense is often the best defense against rural crime.

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