Restructure Debt to Ensure Working Capital

Historically low interest rates offer a unique opportunity to restructure existing debt with longer-term fixed-rate loans to ensure you have the working capital for any challenging times ahead.

Considering uncertain commodity prices and rising input costs, there has never been a better time to assess whether your cash flow will get you through the year ahead.

  • Do your scheduled debt payments and input costs align with expected income?
  • Do you have enough working capital to see you through should markets change?

Long-term interest rates remain historically low. Only once in 225 years have long-term rates been as attractive as they are today, creating an excellent opportunity to fix debt at low cost to preserve or restore working capital.

Current long-term interest rates are near historic lows

These sample scenarios illustrate how loan restructuring can benefit cash flow:

Restructuring existing debt can provide additional working capital

Lock in low rates, take advantage of our extended terms, and call Frontier Farm Credit to discuss how restructuring existing debt can benefit you.