A producer’s experience with MagnifySM

A Byron, Nebraska couple describe what they’ve learned about this new managerial tool.

Jeremy and Libby are part of a fifth-generation crop and livestock operation that includes Jeremy’s parents, his aunt and uncle, two brothers and their wives. Jeremy works on the managerial side and Libby manages accounting for the family enterprise.

Jeremy had been looking for a way to connect the accounting with the agronomic side of their operation, to better understand his overall costs of production and manage the family operation.

The couple, who started working with Magnify as a pilot program in September 2017, share their perspectives of working with the new tool.

Why they chose to use Magnify

Jeremy describes the value of automation, efficiency and knowing his true cost of production and the role they will play in the future of their operation.

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What is Magnify?

Every producer has questions, like, “What is my breakeven on corn?” “What happens if I expand the herd?” Or, “How much can I afford for cash rent?”

These and other financial questions can now be answered with Magnify, the revolutionary managerial tool that translates data from your ag business into managerial reports, analyses and planning options.

  • Built specifically for farmers and ranchers
  • Simplified accounting for managing your operation
  • Production tracking and “what-if” analysis
  • Real-time financial reporting

Learn more about Magnify by contacting local Frontier Farm Credit office at 800-397-3191, complete the form below, or visit frontierfarmcredit.com/magnify.

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Using the Magnify software

Reconciling transactions – especially with a WorkSmart line of credit and the AgriBuy card – is simple. Libby says Magnify is easier to use, and more robust, than their previous financial software.

Starting was easier than expected

The couple thought changing to Magnify would be more challenging than it was. They credit the Magnify team with making the transition easier than expected with their onboarding services and help line.

The value of knowing costs

Understanding cost of production at the acre level, rather than the enterprise level, is Jeremy’s future goal.

Cloud storage and security

After having to deal with corrupted files with their old software, Jeremy and Libby see and advantage to having their data synced and backed up in the cloud.

An investment in our business

Magnify is available on a subscription basis. Jeremy believes the return on investment is well worth the money.

Step up to the next level of farm and ranch management with Magnify. For more information, locate your local Frontier Farm Credit office, call 800.397.3191, or complete the form below:

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Magnify was developed for American agriculture in partnership with Xero and Figured