Magnify Support Resources

Below are a selection of previously recorded Magnify Mondays and instructional videos to assist you in answering some of the most common questions about MagnifySM. Also, there is a tips-and-tricks guide on managing your farm finances in Xero.

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Getting Started

Video Library

Learn how to reconcile bank transactions.

Learn how to set up and use the check printing feature.

Learn how to set up and use budgeting.
Common Mistakes thumbnail
Learn how to edit and unreconcile transactions,
remove bank statement lines, fix sales & purchases
entered in Xero first and merge contacts.
customize xero thumbnail
Learn how to customize the Xero application.

Learn how to add transactions in the Figured application.
Repeating Transactions thumbnail
Learn how to create repeating transactions.
livestocker tracker thumbnail
Learn how to use the livestock tracker.

Accounting 101

Chart of Accounts thumbnail
Understanding your Chart of Accounts

Work in Process (WIP)

What is WIP (Work in Process)?

Buy Prepaid, Apply Prepaid

Buy & Apply


If you have any questions, please reach out to the Magnify team by clicking the chat bubble  in Figured or call 844-888-0828.