A producer’s experience with MagnifySM

Magnify helps couple streamline decision-making by delivering business insights

For Eric and Crystal, success on their third-generation crop and livestock farm means remaining profitable so that their children can follow in their footsteps. They were excited to learn about a new management program, called MagnifySM, that could provide insights and planning options to help them better manage their operation for profit.

Eric handles the day-to-day operations alongside his father and brother, while Crystal manages accounting for the family enterprise. Today, they are using Magnify to track daily transactions, grain inventories and operating expenses on a more detailed level.

The couple, who started working with Magnify in January 2018, share their experience using the tool.

Getting started with Magnify

Working with a territory manager who shared a similar farm background and accounting role quickly helped Crystal realize the value of Magnify and master the learning process.

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What is Magnify?

Every producer has questions, like, “What is my breakeven on corn?” “What happens if I expand the herd?” Or, “How much can I afford for cash rent?”

These and other financial questions can now be answered with Magnify, the revolutionary managerial tool that translates data from your ag business into managerial reports, analyses and planning options.

  • Built specifically for farmers and ranchers
  • Simplified accounting for managing your operation
  • Production tracking and “what-if” analysis
  • Real-time financial reporting

Learn more about Magnify by contacting local Frontier Farm Credit office at 800-397-3191, complete the form below, or visit frontierfarmcredit.com/magnify.

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One simplified accounting system

Keeping records up-to-date used to be a chore for Crystal. Now she says any financial information she needs can be accessed using one simplified accounting system.

New grain marketing insights

From tracking averages to forecasting future sales, Eric and Crystal are looking forward to gaining new grain marketing insights for their operation.

Access anytime, anywhere

Eric and Crystal share how having access to their financial records anytime, anywhere, has strengthened communication with everyone involved their farm operation, including their accountant and financial adviser.

Magnify and the next generation

The couple says making big decisions for their operation as a family is easier now that everyone has financial information at their fingertips. They explain how Magnify is helping prepare the next generation to take over the family farm.

Step up to the next level of farm and ranch management with Magnify. For more information, locate your local Frontier Farm Credit office, call 800.397.3191, or complete the form below:

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Magnify was developed for American agriculture in partnership with Xero and Figured