‘What to know / What to check’

We know the country.

Buying land, building a home or otherwise financing a move to the country carries a set of unique challenges that may spell trouble for lenders in the city. That’s what makes our country home financing perfect for any move to rural America.

Not only do we offer financing features unique to making a country home your own, we have the expertise and experience to help you negotiate the challenges common when buying or building your new place in the country:

Water sources: Check your water sources for quality, quantity and availability through all seasons of the year.

  • Drainage: Consider water drainage and runoff problems for you and your neighbor – you may need easements or permission to access land owned by someone else.
  • Soil Quality: Not all soils are suitable for construction or compatible with septic systems. Call your local county extension agent or local conservation district office for a thorough soil test and rating of your soil for building, septic fields and water drainage.
  • Zoning Laws: Make sure zoning regulations permit activities you want to conduct on your land and prohibit those you would like to avoid.
  • Access: Find out if the property is accessible year-round. Is there access via public or private property? If it is privately owned, make sure there is a permanent easement and determine if there is a “use and maintenance” agreement in effect with neighboring property owners. Is the easement exclusive to the property or used by others?
  • Easements: Know what easements, if any, cross your property, what they are for and where they are located.
  • Survey: A professional survey completed by a licensed surveyor or a registered civil engineer will give you a detailed description of the property and property lines.
  • Outbuildings: Thoroughly inspect any outbuildings on the property. Be sure to check the roof, siding and foundation materials for wear and soundness.
  • Electricity, Natural Gas, Propane, Phone: If the property doesn’t already have utilities, be sure to learn the costs and responsibilities of running energy to your home. Check phone access and service availability.

We know the country and we have the tools and experience to finance homes there – more than any other lender.

If you live in eastern Kansas and you’re planning to buy or build a country home, we’d like to hear from you.

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