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Crop Update: Harvest chugs slowly along

Corn harvest still hasn’t reached the three-quarters mark in the 18 states USDA reports. At 70 percent, it is 13 points behind average. Soybean harvest, however, is 90 percent complete, one point behind average.

Percent harvested Average Percent harvested Average
Iowa 67 84 92 96
Kansas 88 93 85 84
Nebraska 68 81 95 98
South Dakota 61 80 99 98

Other crops

Grain sorghum is 72 harvested, compared with 78 percent average (Kansas, 63 vs 74 average; Nebraska, 66 vs. 84 average; and South Dakota, 73 vs. 87 average).

Sunflowers, at 70 percent harvested, are two points ahead of average. South Dakota is one point behind, however, at 69 percent and Kansans have harvested only 55 percent, compared with an average of 63 percent.

Kansas farmers have moved three points ahead of average on cotton harvest, with 97 percent completed as of November 12.

Winter wheat planting

Farmers have 91 percent of planned winter wheat in the ground in the 18 reported states – right on average. Kansas is 4 points behind its 97 percent average, while Nebraska and South Dakota both are finished. Keep in mind, of course, fewer acres of winter wheat are being planted than four or five years ago.

(Mil. Acres) 2013 2014 2015 2016 2017 Percent change 2013-2017
Kansas 9.5 9.6 9.2 8.5 7.6 -20
Nebraska 1.47 1.55 1.49 1.37 1.12 -24
South Dakota 1.3 1.21 1.42 1.18 .91 -30
National 43.23 42.409 39.681 36.152 32.696 -24

Only 73 percent of the Kansas crop has emerged, compared with 85 percent on average. South Dakota’s crop is well ahead of its 80 percent average, at 95 percent emerged, while Nebraska’s crop is only two points behind its 95 percent average.

USDA rates 59 percent of the Kansas crop, 62 percent of Nebraska’s and 19 percent of South Dakota’s crop good/excellent. A heavy 43 percent of South Dakota’s winter wheat is rated poor/very poor while Kansas and Nebraska are at 11 percent – equal to the 18 states.


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