Grain & Beef Producer
St. Paul, KS
Customer since 2013

How I prepared for a career in agriculture

I was a construction major in college, but when the industry took a downturn in 2007, I started to lean a little more toward agriculture. I started with a small cow herd, small row crop acreage and a custom chemical application business. With the help of good advisors and mentors, I was able to make good decisions to grow progressively.

How my operation has changed

When I started in agriculture, my goals were simple. I wanted to be efficient, productive and grow my operation as fast as possible. Since then, I’ve gained awareness for controlling costs and evaluating those at least quarterly, or even monthly in some areas.

My vision for the future

Better efficiency. Better integration of technology. More production with less input. I hope to be more proficient in controlling the costs of my operation. In 10 years, I’m confident my farm will be even more efficient and productive.

My advice to other young and beginning farmers

Set your goals high, evaluate them with your financial officer and go after them. You can always back off or pursue your goals long term. Chase those dreams as fast and efficiently as you can, within reason.

Nicholas S