Matt & Roberta
Beef Producers
Wellsville, KS
Customer since 2013

How we got our start in agriculture

Matthew: Both of us are from hobby farms so we had a taste of rural life at a young age. We both wanted to be involved in agriculture for a living. We’ve taken different paths to get there, but we’ve been working towards that goal our whole lives.

Working with Frontier Farm Credit

Roberta: Our first experience with Frontier Farm Credit was the very first set of stocker calves we bought. It makes such a difference when you can sit down with a financial officer who understands the industry. That was a big thing that stood out to us – how easy it was to communicate and plan.

Why we continue working with Frontier Farm Credit

Matthew: One of the biggest things to me is having somebody to bounce ideas off financially. We don’t come from a multi-generation operation so we look to folks that have been doing this for a long time to help us make good decisions. We like to work smarter, not harder.

Our farming philosophy

Roberta: When we go into a pasture lease agreement we want to make sure the things we are doing are good for the land owner too. We try to take the time to do things right whether it includes fixing fence, putting down fertilizer or doing the basics to ensure that relationship stays positive.

Our vision for the future

Roberta: Our ultimate goal is for me to be home and part of the operation on a day-to-day basis. The steps to get there include buying more ground and more cattle. We want to have something for our son, or our children, to take over in the future and continue to grow.

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