Grain Producer
Havensville, KS
Customer since 2007

Why I chose agriculture

Every year, the more I farm, the more I love it. It’s such a learning experience. I bought my first farm six months before I graduated from college.

Getting started with Frontier Farm Credit

My dad had been going to Frontier Farm Credit, so I knew about them before I started. I first met dad’s financial officer while I was in 4-H. As I grew up, I got to know him. He already knew the operation like a neighbor or friend. I knew my new financial officer from 4-H, too.

My business approach

I work a lot with my dad. We operate separate farms, but share machinery 50-50. Combined, we can be more efficient. I work to be as efficient as I can, because if I can steadily increase the efficiency of my equipment, I can gradually take on more acres.

My greatest challenge

My biggest challenge will be to expand and keep building equity.

Planning for farm succession

Succession planning is not an easy subject to talk about. It’s one of those “catch-22s” figuring out how to talk about the issue without hurting somebody’s feelings. We have had some conversations, but we need to get something set in stone so we’ve got a firm foundation for our future.

My vision for the operation

The last eight years have been really rewarding. The more I’m on the farm, the more I realize I just need to keep moving forward and expand to the point where I don’t need to have a part-time job. Good grain prices have helped me expand. I need to have a more robust, fine-tuned marketing strategy now.

Attending Side by Side

I learned more about financial ratios and my balance sheets. We talked about how to take a more in-depth look at our balance sheets and use them to track progress. Frontier Farm Credit looks at opportunities with me and is helping me build a future.

A Longstanding Lender Relationship

Kyle’s relationship with Frontier Farm Credit began years before he started farming in 2007. He first became acquainted with his financial officer as a youth in 4-H, and that longstanding relationship has served him well as he builds his operation.

A Lender and a Friend

Kyle says working with a Frontier Farm Credit financial officer who is near his own age and at a similar point in his career in agriculture has been helpful when sharing ideas and in building his operation.

A Partner who Cares for the Land

Getting started wasn’t easy for Kyle, but working with a Frontier Farm Credit financial officer helped him advance his operation because of a shared dedication to care for the land and build a sustainable farm operation.

Planning for Farm Expansion

Staying on top of input costs through prepayment each year is just one way Kyle looks to keep his operation moving forward and growing.

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