Klint and Darcy
Grain & Cattle Producers
Madison, KS
Customers Since 2015

An opportunity for partnership

I grew up on a farm and graduated from college with an animal science degree. Four years ago, there was an opportunity for my wife and I to move back to her family farm. That’s how we got introduced to the business.

Adopting new strategies for profitability

It takes a lot of planning and paperwork to see where you’re at, to lock-in a profit, whether that’s through forward contracting or using futures options. Technology is going to be first and foremost as we go forward in utilizing the tools we need to make ends meet. I think Farm Credit is doing their part to keep up with the speed we have to operate.

Forecasting the future

There’s going to be challenges. We’re trying to transition the farm, make a living and spend a little more time at home. I think we have an opportunity to be successful, and I hope we can continue persevering and doing what we love.

When I have a quick question, I get a quick response

Klint says agriculture moves fast, so he appreciates the tools and responsive service he gets from Farm Credit.

A shared business strategy

Home runs are good in baseball, but brothers-in-law Dallas and Klint like to hit doubles when it comes to managing their operation.

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