John and Becky
Grain Producers
Hiawatha, Kansas
Customers since 2001

Frontier Farm Credit is part of our farm’s team

(John) For our financing and crop insurance, Frontier Farm Credit is who we have chosen to sit at that table with us. I’m not afraid to run ideas by them and hear what they have to say.

How we work across generations

(Becky) We really focus on communication. We have talked about the challenges we faced when we first came back to the farm, and I think for the next generation, it’s important to share that history. We try really hard to keep lines of communication open.

Why we work with Frontier Farm Credit

(Becky) We feel very comfortable with them. They are business partners and good friends. John is very good at making business decisions, but sometimes I think it’s good to have understanding people on your team who see things from a little different point of view. We work together but approach things from two different angles, and that helps us make the best decisions for our operation.

Our business approach

(John) We focus on relationships with the right people. Having the right people around you is so important. It’s just like any business having a board of directors. We work with the right people, from our financing team to our attorney, marketing person and estate planner. You need all those people, and it’s important that they have a seat at the table when we make big decisions.

The future of our industry

(John) One of my pet peeves is when people are afraid of change. Change is an opportunity, not something to be feared. Over the years, I’ve always stressed that change is an opportunity to see something different. I don’t fear the future. I think it’s amazing where agriculture is going and, with new technology, we are only going to become more efficient and economical.

At The Table With Us

Trust, confidence and transparency are integral to the relationship John and Becky have with the Frontier Farm Credit team.

The Nicest People

The folks at Frontier Farm Credit are trusted financial partners who make a difference in John and Becky’s farming operation.

We Trust Them

Trust is a big part of the family’s working relationship with Frontier Farm Credit.

Making the Right Decisions

Working with Frontier Farm Credit gives John and Griff confidence that they are making good financial decisions for their operation.

Making Expansion Possible

A trusted relationship with Frontier Farm Credit made it possible for John and Griff to expand their operation to make room for the next generation.

It’s About the Personal Relationship

An open-line of communication with their Frontier Farm Credit team gives father-and-son producers Griff and John invaluable information needed for informed decision-making.

Embracing Technology

John and Griff embrace new technology on their farm as a tool for greater efficiencies, now and into the future.

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