Jason and Eric
Grain & Beef Producers
Westmoreland, Kansas
Customers since 2013

How I’m preparing myself for agricultural business

(Jason) I’m going to college to learn more about the new technology that the world has brought to agriculture. I hope to come back and put this farm in a place where we are prepared to jump into new technology.

How we make decisions

(Jason) We have family meetings that include everyone involved in the business, from employees to family and friends. On major decisions, we like to have input from everybody we can. We want our decisions to be productive and informed.

What I’ve learned

(Eric) There’s always pressure, whether it’s to simply make money or to grow the operation so it is around for the next generation. It’s important to work with somebody like Frontier Farm Credit, because they understand the pressures we face and they want to help us handle them.

Why we work with Frontier Farm Credit

(Eric) They care. They want to help the young producers get started and do well in the industry. What they do plays a pretty big part in keeping the younger generation in agriculture.

My vision for the operation

(Jason) I want to expand the feedlot and see our farm and pasture acres grow. A lot depends on the farm economy over the next 10 years. But I think we are in a good position to expand.

Frontier Is Part of Our Group Decisions

For the Jason and Eric, big business decisions – including to expand the feed yard – start with expert financial advice from their Frontier Farm Credit team.

Advice for Young Producers

Being “all in” through the good and bad times is critical to achieving long-term success on a crop and livestock operation.

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