Six Management Tips to Make 2019 a Success

As we head into year-end and make last-minute adjustments to income and expenses for tax purposes, next year’s planning also moves to the forefront.

To give you a leg up on the process, David Widmar, an ag economist with and Purdue University, shares six management tips to jumpstart your thinking process.

  • Know the economics of your business and where to squeeze costs to improve margins.
  • Develop a marketing plan. “Plans are never 100 percent right, but help identify opportunities,” noted Widmar, who is involved in the family farm in eastern Kansas where he grew up.
  • Recognize the role of skill versus luck. This will direct your decisions.
  • Take time for strategic thinking – and then execute on your plan.
  • Instead of aiming to be right with every decision, focus on not being wrong more often.
  • Recognize the importance of time. It is your most valuable nonrenewable resource. Widmar encourages everyone to carve out one extra hour – per month, per week, per day – for financial management.

To  hear the details of how to employ these steps – and to hear Widmar’s assessment of the farm economy and his crop and livestock outlook for the year ahead – register for one of Frontier Farm Credit’s free GrowingOn 2019 meetings in Kansas, December 3 to 7.