Working for the next generation of ranchers.

Frontier Farm Credit is committed to supporting ranchers who are starting or growing their operations. Our lending teams have helped thousands of young and beginning producers manage their unique business and financial challenges, matching their needs with the right combination of products and tools to help them achieve success. If you’re looking for a strong financial partner focused on your success, Frontier Farm Credit has a program for you.

Financial Products and Services

Frontier Farm Credit is a leading provider of loan, lease and risk management products, each customized to the unique needs of your growing business. We back these products and services with industry leading tools to help with financial management and decision-making in your operation. And with our broad network of lending teams, your financing comes with expert advice and personal service.

Young & Beginning Loans: Growing your ranch is a significant financial commitment and can be especially challenging for less-established producers. That’s why we’ve tailored a program for producers age 35 or younger, or with 10 years of experience or less, that matches our loan products with modified credit approval standards. This program helps get you the capital you need while you strengthen your financial position.

Development Fund: This new program assists young and beginning producers who have a plan to start, grow or remain in agriculture by providing them with needed working capital loans and business planning assistance.

If you have a plan to start ranching, we have a plan to help.

Our unique expertise allows us to offer quick turnaround on agricultural loans as well as highly attractive rates and a wide range of financing options and services. Qualifying producers are eligible for the following loans:

  • Real Estate Loans
    Financing for pasture or grazing land, ranches and acreages.
  • WorkSmartSM Line of Credit
    Financing for operating expenses that offer the choice of revolving or non-revolving lines of credit with no minimum balance and an interest rate “buy-down” option.
  • Installment Loans
    Specifically designed for intermediate-term credit needs such as hog and cattle facilities, herd handling equipment, grain and feed storage, breeding livestock or debt refinancing.
  • Leasing
    Leasing offers a low down payment, up to 100 percent financing and no stock purchase. As a tax management tool, leasing can improve your cash flow and conserve working capital.

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