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4-Year Term

Phillip Goodyear

Phillip Goodyear
Junction City, KS

Birth Year: 1980

Business Experience: Cattle Ranching

Association Business Relationships with Family Members: Kristen Goodyear, my spouse, and the Phillip and Kristen Goodyear Trust

Education: Kansas State University (KSU), Bachelor of Science degree in Economics and Kansas Livestock Association (KLA) Young Stockmen’s Academy Graduate

Current Boards: Director of Cross Triangle Cattle Company

Candidate Description of Business Knowledge and/or Education:

Strategic Planning/Direction: As a business owner, farmer and rancher, strategic planning is a must. It requires forward contracting and marketing of agricultural products almost daily. It requires having a long-term vision as well as managing the daily tasks of caring for animals, managing employees, and being fiscally responsible. Without having a clear direction and plan, a farmer and rancher is not able to survive the volatility.

Corporate Governance: I am familiar with the importance of corporate governance to effectively manage the long-term success of a company. I also understand that accountability, transparency, responsibility, and security are vital characteristics of someone who serves on a board of directors for any business.

Financial Reporting: Operating a farm or ranch is no different than operating any other business from a financial performance standpoint. I place high value in recognizing both the financial and marketing performance aspects of my own business which includes evaluating profits, losses, investments, assets, and ultimately an unbiased view of my success. I work closely with my accountant and loan officer to monitor my progress.

Business Technology: My experience in business technology in the agricultural industry is ever-growing. Agriculture has an increasing reliance on information technology in order to optimize business success. In my operation I use precision guidance and navigation in our tractors and sprayers. I also use grid sampling and variable rate technology. On the cattle feeding side, I use laptops in the feed truck and chutes.

Risk Management: Managing the risk of my operation is a daily task that requires knowledge, foresight and strategic planning. Not only do I manage employee duties, but I also follow the markets closely on an hourly basis to ensure appropriate action on previously decided risk management and market strategies. I strive to continually stay plugged in to the market moves and news of the day.

Talent Management: I understand first-hand the value of human capital and talent management based on my experience of being an employer in agriculture. Being able to see the best qualities and talents of an individual and help them apply those in an effective and efficient manner is critical to our business success. I take the time to listen to employees, take stock of their knowledge and skills, and work with their strengths.

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