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4-Year Term

John Slocombe

John Slocombe
Manhattan, KS

Birth Year: 1954

Business Experience: BJ Angus Genetics (registered Angus seed stock business); Professor of Engineering, Kansas State University (KSU); Research Scientist, John Deere Company and Consultant and Expert Witness for Legal Firms in Kansas, Oklahoma and Nebraska

Association Business Relationships with Family Members: Bonita Slocombe, my wife, Eric and Melanie Slocombe, my son and daughter in-law and Jennifer Slocombe, my daughter

Education: Colby Community College, Associate of Science degree, KSU, Bachelor of Science and Master of Science degrees in Agricultural Education, and Iowa State University Doctoral degree in Agricultural Education and Agricultural Engineering

Current Boards: Assistant Department Head, Department of Biological and Agricultural Engineering, KSU Board of Directors, National Agricultural Interactive Distance Education Alliance and Board of Directors for the Kansas AgrAbility Project (U.S. Department of Agriculture/National Institute of Food and Agriculture project)

Candidate Description of Business Knowledge and/or Education:

Strategic Planning/Direction: BJ Angus Genetics goals are evaluated annually and used to develop budgets with cash flow projections, determine capital purchases, create genetic matings, and analyze customer needs and marketing strategies for future growth. As a senior faculty member at KSU, I participate in seminars and workshops on strategic planning, budget development, educational and research directives, and personnel management.

Corporate Governance: Governance models and procedures require constant evaluation to accommodate the changing needs and requirements of management and stakeholders. One hallmark of my career at KSU, Iowa State University, and the University of Idaho is extensive involvement in faculty and student governance at the department, college, and university levels.

Financial Reporting: Completion of university and short courses in accounting, economics, and management have prepared me with a solid understanding of financial reporting. I manage all financial activities for BJ Angus Genetics including budgeting, financial reporting, financial analysis, as well as oversight of our investment portfolio. As the director of teaching, extension, and research competitive grants at KSU, I review financial reports to maintain accountability to funding agencies. I apply this same skill set as a board member with local and regional groups.

Business Technology: Attending technology conferences enhances my use of business management software, databases, and spreadsheets to manage cash flow, create genetic matings, document performance records, and assist customers with purchases and marketing progeny produced from BJ Angus Genetics. Broadcasting sales on the internet and using other web-based marketing strategies has been instrumental in growing our customer base. At KSU I have taught courses and workshops on the use of precision agriculture technologies and related software to students, agricultural producers, and industry professionals.

Risk Management: Utilizing the latest technology and data available to produce top tier genetics, minimize inputs, and take care of customers to help minimize their risks are strategies we use to manage risk at BJ Angus Genetics. At KSU, I manage risk of competitive grants by assuring project outcomes accomplish stated objectives within budgeted categories.

Talent Management: It is essential employees are provided with incentives to develop new talents, which enables a company to grow and prosper while strengthening their lifetime skill set. At KSU, I evaluate faculty, staff, and students and believe sound business relationships are based on clear, open, and honest communications.

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