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4-Year Term

Ronald Dunbar

Ronald Dunbar
Princeton, KS

Birth Year: 1949

Business Experience: Farming operation raising corn, beans, wheat, sorghum silage and a livestock operation with cow-calf, feeder and feedlot cattle

Association Business Relationships with Family Members: Elaine Dunbar, my wife, Aaron Dunbar, my son, Cassie Dunbar, my daughter-in-law, Dunbar Farms Incorporated and Rabnud, LLC, family farming operations run with my spouse, son and daughter-in-law

Education: Allen County Community College; Kansas State University (KSU) Agricultural Economics Major; Farm Credit System Premier Governance Series (PGS) Certified Director; National Grain Sorghum Producers Leadership Training Certificate and Beef Quality Assurance Certificate

Current Boards: Association Board of Directors; Richmond United Methodist Church Administrative Council Chairman, Franklin County Conservation District Board of Directors and Richmond Cemetery Board

Candidate Description of Business Knowledge and/or Education:

Strategic Planning/Direction: In planning for the future of our operation, we have studied business models, and have participated in programs such as the KSU Research and Extension-sponsored “Keep the Family Farming” and FINPACK analysis. Each year as a Director, I have been involved in strategic planning for the Association’s future, including the beginning of the patronage program. I have attended seminars on agricultural issues, including the Governor’s Ag Summit, Kansas City Ag Business Council Ag Outlook Forum, and a blockchain technology webinar.

Corporate Governance: Besides completion of the PGS training, I have attended and served on the steering committee for Farm Credit Council’s National Institute for Directors. As an Association Director, I have served as the chairman of the communications and customer relationship committee, as a member of the Risk Management and Audit committees, and as the Board’s vice chairman. We have led tours on our farm for in-state and out-of-state stockmen and legislators. Due in part to leadership in various organizations, I was honored and humbled to have been named a Kansas Master Farmer.

Financial Reporting: Through membership in the Kansas Farm Management Association, I study monthly financial reports, cash flow statements, balance sheets, and business and financial analysis for our own operation. We were honored to be named the American Royal Farm Family of the Year due in part to our farm’s work in financial management. I have received the PGS director certification and additional audit training, and I have served on Association’s audit committee.

Business Technology: We use computer and precision farming technologies, grid sampling for variable rate application of fertilizer and lime, and Auto-Steer for planting and strip tillage. I have used online cattle auctions. We received a water quality award for designing environmentally-friendly feedlots and using an innovative cattle watering system. We have participated in the new MagnifySM managerial accounting pilot program offered by Frontier Farm Credit.

Risk Management: Diversification is a large part of managing risk for our farm. As a working farmer and rancher, I have used tools such as futures, forward contracts, options, and a marketing consulting service. I also have taken advantage of opportunities to add value to our production through membership in U.S. Premium Beef and East Kansas Agri-Energy. I have served on the Association’s business risk committee.

Talent Management: I have oversight of our farm’s employees, including work performance, salaries, health and dental benefits, and pension plans. I also have board experience in the human resource area due to serving on the county extension, Farm Bureau, conservation and water district, and the Kansas Extension boards. As a member of the Association Board, we work with confidential employee evaluations, pay and benefits, and other personnel matters. I currently serve on the Association’s human capital committee.

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