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4-Year Term

John Farley

John Farley
Manhattan, KS

Birth Year: 1956

Business Experience: Owner of Farley Cattle, a grazing and feeding operation; retired Director of cattle procurement for Innovative Livestock Services, Inc. (ILS) in Great Bend, Kansas; Co-Founder and Chairman of Kansas Regenerative Medicine Center located in Manhattan and Overland Park, Kansas; and Enso Discoveries located in Manhattan, Kansas

Association Business Relationships with Family Members: Lori Farley, my spouse

Education: Sauk Valley Junior College, Associate degree, Southern Illinois University, Bachelor of Science degree in Agricultural Business, Kansas State University (KSU) Growth Coach Program, and currently involved in the KSU Executive Coach Program

Current Boards: Chairman of Kansas Regenerative Medicine and Enso Discoveries

Candidate Description of Business Knowledge and/or Education:

Strategic Planning/Direction: We work on strategic planning in the KSU Executive Coach Program. We work with strategic planning in our own growing stem cell business.

Corporate Governance: I was a feed yard manager for years with Golden Belt Feeders in Kinsley, Kansas leading employees through two expansions. Following my time with Golden Belt Feeders, I became the director of cattle procurement with ILS. I oversaw company cattle placement and the outside cattle program, all with a strict company hedging program. I worked daily with company cattle procurement employees, company hedgers, feed yard managers and many independent cattle buyers and grazers.

Financial Reporting: I am well organized and detailed in company matters. I understand the need and value of timely financial reporting and accounting. I help create yearly budget projections for Kansas Regenerative Medicine, Enso Discoveries and Farley Cattle.

Business Technology: I feel I am a good business man and was an early adopter of online auctions, monitoring and purchasing cattle simultaneously at up to multiple auctions at one time. I have basic knowledge in Microsoft Office systems: Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook.

Risk Management: I worked daily with the hedging department of ILS. I oversaw the hedgable procurement of cattle for a sizeable cattle feeding company. I also oversaw the grazing and backgrounded cattle programs for ILS. I had to keep on top of the many moving pieces related to risk management.

Talent Management: I managed many independent cattle buyers while at ILS. Presently, I oversee employees on the human and animal side of our current businesses. Also, I am active with our marketing programs, and I am active politically.

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