Director Candidate Profile – Race 1

Calvin Pearson

Calvin Pearson
Rantoul, KS

Birth Year: 1959

Business Experience: Farming operation raising corn and soybeans and recently retired from a career with the Ottawa Coop in Ottawa, Kansas

Frontier Business Relationships with Family Members: Mary Ann Pearson, spouse; Calvin J Pearson Revocable Trust and WP Farms, LLC, family farming operation with my daughter, Kim Knape

Education: Central Heights high school graduate and certified crop advisor

Current Boards: None

Candidate Description of Business Knowledge and/or Education in the Following Areas:

Risk Management: Agriculture is a volatile business. However, risk can also be rewarding. Decisions in farming need to be made where the risk cannot be so great as to create a financial burden if things do not go just right. It is important for those in this business to know their break-even point, to market commodities accordingly, and backing them up the with options as needed to minimize risk.

Financial Reporting: Understanding balance sheets and cash flow statements is very important in today’s agriculture. My retail experience working for a multi-million dollar company has helped me do my own financial statements every year, make decisions based on return on investment and make plans for the future.

Strategic Planning: While working for the Ottawa Coop I was involved in planning sessions almost daily with the General Manager reviewing budgets and evaluating every department’s profitability. Every decision was based on the return of investment, forecasting years in advance. This experience has helped my farming operation, as there are definite similarities in planning for the future.

Organizational Leadership: In my role as Assistant Manager at the Ottawa Coop, I was responsible for many of the reports we did for the Environmental Protection Agency and Kansas Department of Agriculture. This included licenses for selling chemicals and fertilizer, inspecting grain and risk management plans.

Business Technology: The technology we have today allows us to do things we never thought possible. All the way from Smart Phones to iPads to variable rate fertilizer, satellite imagery of crops and Auto Steer has allowed us to achieve more in a day and hopefully to be more profitable. Technology will continue to be a very important part of agriculture and allow me to be more efficient.

Human Resource Management: Employees and a good management team are essential in today’s business world. The time and resources invested in the right personnel are perhaps the most important factors in a successful business. In my role at the Ottawa Coop, I was responsible for interviewing, hiring and evaluating each employee’s performance.