Director Candidate Profile – Race 1

Bill Miller

Bill Miller
Council Grove, KS (incumbent)

Birth Year: 1951

Business Experience: Cattle ranching and ag communications Retired as Vice-President of Communications of U.S. Premium Beef, LLC

Frontier Business Relationships with Family Members: Debbie Miller, my wife and ABCD2 Cattle Co., LLC, my family farming operation with my wife and Anna Adams (daughter) and Christina Miller (daughter)

Education: Bachelor of Science degree in Journalism and Mass Communications and Bachelor of Science degree in Wildlife Biology from Kansas State University and a Farm Credit System Premier Governance Series Certified Director

Current Boards: Frontier Farm Credit Board, Chairman of the Human Capital Committee, Morris County Hospital Board Vice Chairman, Livestock and Meat Industry Council Board Secretary, and Council Grove Community High School Mentoring Board

Candidate Description of Business Knowledge and/or Education in the Following Areas:

Risk Management: Risk management is critical to the success of our cattle business. We use futures, options, forward contracts and market cattle on value-based grids as a means to minimize risk and add more value to our cattle. Our commercial cowherd has served as a recipient herd for a purebred Angus and Charolais breeder which enabled us to add value to our calves. The cattle we finish at custom feedyards are sold through U.S. Premium Beef or other packers’ value-added programs. Both options give us the opportunity to realize more value from the cattle we produce instead of selling commodity cattle.

Financial Reporting: I have had first-hand experience reviewing and analyzing financial reports during my tenure on the Frontier Farm Credit Board of Directors, and as a Morris County Hospital Director. In addition, I have participated in educational programs through Farm Credit that were designed to teach accepted financial reporting practices. I also prepare financial reports, cash flow statements, balance sheets and financial analysis for our cattle operation.

Strategic Planning: We utilized strategic planning when we created U.S. Premium Beef to chart our own course while reducing the risks associated with creating a successful venture. I am confident we would not have succeeded without a strategic plan to get from point A to point B along with the flexibility to update our strategic plan as necessary. We also employ strategic planning on the Morris County Hospital Board. Without our plan, which we update annually, we would not have a successful hospital in our small community. Strategic planning also guided Frontier Farm Credit as we formed an alliance with Farm Credit Services of America (FCSAmerica).

Organizational Leadership: I have been fortunate to be a part of several ventures to start new companies or entities that had not been done before. Being a part of the starting Farm Journal’s Beef Today magazine, U.S. Premium Beef and Frontier Farm Credit’s alliance with FCSAmerica taught me a lot about organizational leadership and the important role it plays in running a successful business. As a Frontier Farm Credit Director, I have participated in educational programs that have helped make me more effective in our Association. These experiences prepared me to serve in leadership positions as vice chairman and chairman of the Frontier Farm Credit Board and in my current position as chairman of the Human Capital Committee on Frontier Farm Credit’s board.

Business Technology: New business technology is one of the keys to how we will successfully conduct business in the future. It is one of the primary factors that caused Frontier Farm Credit’s Board to form an alliance with FCSAmerica. It was more than the ability to remote deposit checks with our smart phones or to prepare cash flows online before meeting with our financial officer. We have gained significant efficiencies using FCSAmerica’s technology and as a result, Frontier Farm Credit’s operational costs are more in line with FCSAmerica today which is approximately one half of what they were before the alliance.

Human Resource Management: Farm Credit will likely face significant challenges relative to human resource management in the next five years for several reasons: a number of our employees will be eligible to retire; competition from other companies for our employees; fewer people who want to work in the ag industry, especially in certain locations; and the impact a downturn in the Ag economy could have on employee retention. We continue to work on senior leader succession plans and short-term and long-term incentive plans to reduce turnover and maintain continuity. This will be critical to effectively serve our customers. Human Resource Management has been one of my primary areas of interest since joining the Frontier Farm Credit Board.